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Criminal and Civil Research and Analysis:
Research and case file development of criminal and civil cases. Surveillance, information and intelligence gathering, along with witness location, interviews, interrogation and obtaining statements.
Business and Corporate:

Background analysis and employment screening:
Building and business security evaluations and threat assessments.
Physical plant security, employee safety programs and proactive business security measures.

Protective Services:
Personal and corporate protective services, individual security to fully equipped and trained protective details. Professional drivers for corporate and personal environment.
Advance detail reports and logistics evaluation and implementation for protective details, VIP services and security personnel.
Personnel, material and prisoner transport. Administrative and criminal transport and all modes of transport for protective services, courier services and secure high-risk transport.

Computers and Data Service:
Computer analysis, forensic examination and data retrieval.

Corporate Security Support:
Security personnel weapons training, weapons system evaluation and program development and implementation. Firearm qualification and training can be business specific for armed couriers, armored car and plant security, armed patrol, etc.
Force on force training available.

Basic personal firearms training, weapons selection and ccw training.

Special Event Services:
Special event security. Plain clothes, civilian attire for event, guest or perimeter security.

Arson and EOD :
Civil and criminal arson and EOD incident analysis, case file evaluation and crime scene development and reconstruction.

Law Enforcement:
Department and individual officer training, weapon evaluation and training. POST training courses available for handgun, shotgun, rifle and subgun, along with low light and force on force training.

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