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Bill Teaching 600X300

William "Bill" Regina

Bill retired after 29 years of police work, primarily with a large urban Midwest department. Since 1997 he has been providing training to police departments, the US Army, major retailers and corporate entities, corporate security operations, private citizens and churches. SRT routinely provides training for over 1500 students and 100 private companies per year. Training disciplines include LE POST / CLEE training for instructors and officers, concealed carry standards, increasing speed and accuracy programs, pistol and rifle defensive skills, low light handgun and rifle, combatives, urban marksmanship and reality based force on force training.



Dee Teaching 600X300

Dee Regina

Dee Regina is a NRA certified Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Black Powder.  Refuse to Be a Victim, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and specializes in firearms training for women.  She learned how to shoot from her father at the age of 11 and has continued sharing those training tips as well as those she has learned the last 12 years as an instructor.



Nick Shooting 600X300

Nicholas "Nick" Carvan

Nick is a field experienced firefighter, paramedic, hazardous materials technician, SWAT Team Paramedic, and longtime instructor in multiple disciplines. As a Major in the USAF Auxiliary he has taught tactical medicine and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) for hundreds of students and worked as a Program Manager overseeing the instruction of hundreds of students yearly at multiple Air Force Installations. Over the course of 10 years he has developed a curriculum that is relative and applicable. Nick’s vision was to provide professional certification and training and add real world experience and content to those courses with the goal of preparing individuals to do what the professionals do when they are faced with the decision to save their own life or the life of another. He has been a student of firearms for his entire adult life. Participating in multiple regional and local schools and became certified to instruct what he loved. Preparing others to how to do the right thing at the right time to make a real impact is a goal of his.

“It is my passion to pass on knowledge that may one day save someone’s life. That is why I am here and why I do what I do; so that others may live.” –Nick




∙Missouri Highway Patrol / DPS Certified:
    Handgun Instructor
    Shotgun Instructor
    EVOC / Vehicle Operations Instructor
    Range Officer
∙NRA Certified Tactical Handgun Instructor
∙Association of Professional Trainers / MDSA: Certified Handgun, Shotgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor
∙Strategos Low Light Engagements Certified Instructor
∙Ohio LEO Training Academy Tactical Weapons Instructor: Patrol Rifle, HK MP5 Sub-Machinegun
∙MLETA Certified Instructor
    Winning Lethal Confrontations Graduate
    Flying Armed Graduate
∙MLETA / FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted Course Graduate
∙FBI Sniper / Precision Marksman Course Graduate
∙Missouri Highway Patrol Armed Confrontation School / Top Gun Graduate
∙Action Target Firearms Training and Range Development Graduate
∙APT Executive Protection Graduate (3x)
∙Surefire Low Light Survival Course Graduate
∙Certified HK Operator – MP5 Submachine gun
∙KCMO Police Department Training Academy Graduate 1981
∙FBI / KCMO Sexual Assault Investigations Course Graduate
∙Metro Squad Training Course Graduate
∙Vickers Tactical Carbine / Pistol Course Graduate
∙Hackathorn Tactical Handgun Course Graduate
∙Certified Kansas CCH Course Instructor
∙Current Department of Public Safety Class “A” License


SRT-Group Fort Scott, KS
Instructor / Owner 1997-Present
-Services: Criminal / Civil Research and Analysis, Business and Corporate Security and Loss Prevention, Protective Services, Computer and Data Forensics and Arson and EOD Analysis.
-Training Services: Law Enforcement (POST / CLEE), Force on Force & Reality Based Training, Basic and Advanced Combat Pistol, Low Light Shooting, Combat / Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, Close Quarters Shooting, Firearm Instructor Credentialing, Ladies Defensive Shooting and NRA Courses.

27 Years full time Police Officer – Retired

Weston Police Department Weston, MO

Full time Police Officer and Training Officer 1995-2008
Certified Firearms Instructor 1999-2008

Kansas City Police Department Kansas City, MO

Full time Police Officer and Investigator 1981-1994
Former Metro Squad Major Case Investigator #564

Missouri Department of Public Safety Jefferson City, MO

Specialist Instructor: Firearms

MWSC Regional Training Academy

Firearms Instructor 2000-2005


∙Member-International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
∙Member-National Tactical Officers Association
∙Member-National Rifle Association
∙Member-Kansas City Metro Tactical Officers Association

Phone: 816-699-4005