SRT GROUP was founded on providing the best service and training to the public and private sector. In order to provide these services and training, we use the best people available. It is a simple formula, but by utilizing experienced people that know what they are doing and that are grounded and experts at the basics and fundamentals, we build the best team to serve our clients. 

All of our people are experienced law enforcement, military, ex-military or professional civilian trainers, instructors, investigators, analysts, or security personnel.  They are experienced at doing the job you need done, not just training for it. 

All the bells, whistles, gadgets and gizmos will not get the job done unless you have the right people, to make the right things happen, when they need to happen.  

We have the right people, and we put them to work for you, to get the job done. Period.

Your training or service needs will not be our first job, but we will make you, your family or your company our first priority.   

                                                                                                Bill Regina / Director - OIC