We have listed some of the classes we offer. We also offer Corporate Team building fun days, private classes to groups of 10 or more, and private hourly lessons. If you have an interest in training that is not listed please call or email. If we are not able to accomodate you, we will refer you to another source that will meet your needs.

Accident Prevention / Avoidance Training for Teen Drivers

This course provides a proactive approach to teen driving safety. Over the course of 2 or 3 lessons we teach your young driver things that can:

1. Decrease their chance of having an accident
2. Make them more attentive behind the wheel
3. Make their driving less stressful
4. Show them how to practice and reinforce these skills every time they drive.

Training takes place at your location, in the driver's primary vehicle. Usually we like to have at least two sessions, one to evaluate and start the training and one to continue and enforce the driving skills and observation techniques. Most people use three sessions and they can also be used by anyone in the family if they want.

For more information, download the complete brochure.

Basic Combat Pistol I

This course picks up where the Concealed Carry Training class leaves off. The class covers basic marksmanship, reloading, malfunction drills, one-handed shooting, non-traditional responses, close quarters response and the basics of shooting and moving. This course is a 4 hours POST approved class.

Equipment needed: Handgun, holster, 2 magazines or speed loaders, 200 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection. ( Some equipment is available to loan if needed).

Introduction to Low Light Shooting

Since the majority of shootings take place in the dark or in adverse light conditions, knowing how to use a flashlight and a gun together are essential skills. Being able to identify and engage the threat in diminished or low light conditions is a basic skill. This class will cover 3-4 basic flashlight and gun techniques, keeping the gun up and running, the correct use of light and how to use the light to your advantage, identifying the threat and engaging the threat in low light or no light conditions, along with the basics of movement and light use. This is a hour POST approved class.
Equipment needed: Same as Basic Combat Pistol I plus a small Surefire type light.
(Several available to loan if needed).

Basic Combat Pistol II/Low Light Shooting II

These classes pick up where the basic classes left off and include use of cover, more movement, multiple targets, fighting from a vehicle and basic search techniques. pre-requisite is Basic combat Pistol I or Introduction to Low Light or a similar class, approved at the instructor's discretion. This is a 4 hour class. Call or email for equipment requirements.

Basic Combat Rifle/Shotgun

This class is designed for utilizing a long gun in a home defense or close quarters shooting. We will cover gun and ammunition choice, long gun accessories, zeroing and patterning, loading and unloading, combat loading, malfunction drills, sling use, basic use of cover and movement and close quarters engagements. This is a 4 hour class.

Equipment needed: Rifle, Carbine or Shotgun. 200 rounds of ammunition;birdshot, full metal jacket, or ball ammunition. NO steel core or armor piercing ammunition. 2 magazines for rifle. Eye and ear protection.

Snub Nose Revolver Class

The class will cover marksmanship, reloads, close quarters shooting, alot of one handed shooting, low light shooting with a revolver, use of lasers, concealed carry use and shooting from inside the garment, ie pocket carry, bag, purse , etc.

Equipment needed: 150 rds of ammo, at least one speedloader, holster, eye and ear protection (we have available at range if needed).

If you have a larger revolver as a carry gun you are welcome to attend and we will cover the same points with consideration of gun size.

Close Quarters Shooting Class

The Close Quarters Class will be all close in work at speed. Predominantly one-handed shooting, moving, multi-targets and ground work. The class will emphasize use of the pistol at extreme close quarters, getting 'out-of-the-hole,' and moving to engage a threat if needed. The focus of the class will be getting the gun into the fight, and stopping the threat in a minimum amount of space and time.

Equipment requirements: Handgun, holster, 2 mags or speedloaders, eye and ear protection 150 rds of ammo.

Class size limited to 12.

Tactical Pistol Class

The Tactical Pistol class will be a little more involved than our basic combat pistol class and will cover the fundamentals, marksmanship, loading, IADs, etc, but then will quickly get into shooting and moving, non-traditional responses, shooting from positions, use of cover, basic search techniques, two-man tactics, and if time allows, fighting from a vehicle.

Equipment requirements: Handgun, holster, sturdy belt, 2 mags or speedloaders, eye and ear protection 200 rds of ammo.

Advanced Pistol Class

Prerequisite; Basic Combat Pistol or similiar class with instructor approval.

The advanced class will cover marksmanship at longer distances, dedicated shooting positions, fighting from the ground, wounded shooter drills, including one-handed reloads and one-handed malfunction drills. Two-man tactics and movement will be covered, along with vehicle operations.

This is a 4 hr class

Equipment requirements: 200 rds ammo, eye/ear protection, holster/sturdy belt. Knee pads are recommended.

Force On Force Class/Reality based training

In this class you will engage live opponents in reality based training scenarios. Using simunition converted handguns and long guns students are able to fight a live enemy or attacker in scenarios based on real lethal force encounters. The student will be able to determine what works and what doesn't in regards to equipment firearms and most importantly his/her training. The simunition equipped firearms fire a marking round which marks the attacker in addition to allowing the shooter to know he has hit the attacker/or been hit, by the impact of the round on his protective gear. Training covers one-on-one encounters, multiple attackers, fighting from a vehicle, lowlight situations, basic sdearch and shoot/no shoot decisions.

Call for equipment list.

NRA Ladies 1st Steps Basic Pistol Class

These classes are designed for those interested in entering the shooting sports, new or novice shooters and anyone interested in the proper use of a handgun for either sport or self defense. The class covers pistol safety, the basic fundamentals of shooting, cleaning, storage and more. The NRA handbook for the course is also included. The course is taught by an experienced NRA certified female instructor in a safe, relaxed and professional atmosphere. (4) hour class. (handguns and equip. can be provided at N/C)

Equipment needed: eye and ear protection, handgun, and 50 rounds of ammunition.

Ladies Defensive Pistol

These The Defensive Pistol course is a four-hour course especially designed for ladies and is taught by a female instructor. This is an entertaining course for ladies, featuring hands-on training where participants will fire almost 200 rounds of ammunition. By the end of this class, participants will have learned the basics of how to improve marksmanship skills, target diagnostics,reloading, clearing malfunctions, shooting strong hand, drawing from a purse or holster, and a section on handgun selection. This course is for ladies who want to develop and improve their defensive pistol skills.

Prerequisites: Basic Pistol Course is recommended. This course is designed for beginning shooters who have their own handgun or are relatively comfortable using a handgun.

Equipment Requirements: eye and ear protection, handgun, and 200 rounds of ammunition.

NRA Seminar for Women Only
3 of 4 women fall victim! So even your odds.
Experts agree the single most important factor in surviving a criminal attack is to have a personal safety strategy in place before it is needed.

Refuse To Be A Victim™ is a three-hour seminar taught by a woman for women. Participants learn easy-to-understand tactics to help minimize their chances of criminal attack. The session provides women with the tools they need to prepare their own personal safety plan; information about home, automobile and physical security, self-defense training, personal protection devices and much more.

Refuse To Be A Victim™ is not about firearms.

These classes offer information that is covered in our other classes. I have put the course descriptions here to help you determine if you need more training in these areas and what you are most interested in. As you review our courses, you will find that we cover this same material in smaller 4 hour sessions. If you would like we can order you one of the books from the NRA for you to refer back to. If you would like one of these classes specifically please contact us and we will schedule that for you and others who are interested.


This course is objective based.
You will learn and become familiar with parts of a pistol, both revolver and handgun.
along with ammunition and the fundamentals of pistol shooting.
You will fire your first shots and learn how to use sight alignment and sight picture.
You will shoot two-handed and one handed and the correct positions for each.
You will learn about other pistol sports and activities available to you.


“To develop in the students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen's right to self-defense.”
Taken from NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course Lesson Plans

Lessons cover Introduction to Defensive Shooting, Basic Defensive Handgun Skills, Firearms and the Law: Possession, Ownership, and the Use of Deadly Force, Strategies for Home Safety and Responding to a Violent Confrontation, Selecting a Handgun for Personal Defense, Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities, Course Review and Examination. prerequisite; Concealed Carry Permit, NRA Basic Pistol or approval of instructor.


This is a two day class. Prerequisite; PPITH or equivalent with instructors approval.
Level I: offers the essential knowledge and skills that must be mastered in order to carry, store, and use a firearm safely and effectively for personal protectiojn outside the home.
Level II: Advanced, includes an additional 5 hrs of instruction. This consists entirely of shooting exercises to develop skills; hip-shooting techniques, moving and shooting. kneeling, squatting, sitting to standing, standing and turning, engaging a target at extended range, and low light conditions.

All classes are limited in size to 20 students. Call or email to reserve your spot.
Bill or Dee Regina 816-699-4005

Please advise if you need to cancel as we usually have a waiting list.
Please advise if you would like to be added to our e-mail list, to be notified of upcoming classes.